Note: This letter was originally sent to Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo).


We are writing to you as local elected officials in Colorado. As such, we share representation with you for citizens throughout the State. Along with many in the United States, we are closely watching the Senate Impeachment trial of Mr. Trump.

As local elected officials we have a duty and a legal requirement to conduct our governing business as transparently as possible. We urge you to demand transparency as a top priority during the Senate Impeachment trial. Our shared constituents have a right to see our elected officials conduct their business. The heightened importance of this process with respect to the stability of our democracy makes transparency critical.

Your duty to the Country and to Colorado is to demand a fair trial. A fair trial includes rules of evidence, witnesses, and process, including rebuttal. We ask that you demand a fair trial, including the required attendance of the jury of Senators. We ask that you vote based on the facts of the case. This is an extremely difficult time for the United States. We ask that you represent Colorado with a strong voice of reason and transparency.

With respect,

Your fellow Colorado elected officials,

George Newman, Kelly McNicholas Curry, John Clark, Karn Stiegelmeier, Greg Poschman, Beth Melton, Guyleen Castriotta, Gwen Lachelt, Kris Holstrom, Nancy Jackson, Steve Child, John Messner, Elizabeth Lawrence, Tim Corrigan, Randy Wheelock, Todd Brown, Lance Waring, Delanie Young, Hilary Cooper, Ben Tisdel, Elise Jones, Pete McKay, Thomas Davidson, Micha Rosenoer, Matt Scherr, Jeanne McQueeney, Jonathan Houck