Almost all my 2019 wishes with a lot of hard work have come true. A few still need work on but here goes.

First – Many thanks to Santa and all his helpers (which means you the reader), for helping make these wishes come true.

1. Basalt – the new 50-foot x 20-foot warm water “Robotˮ pool design replacing the kiddie pool should be coming out soon. It is incredible. Other improvements are also in the works.

2. Aspen – the open houses for community feedback on designs for Galena Plaza upon which Aspen Council will be updated, followed by a mix and match session of the three design concepts.

3. Pitkin County – Airport Advisory Committee – recommends studying an aerial connection from Brush Creek Park and Ride along Highway 82 to the airport, then onward to Buttermilk, Aspen and a leg to Highlands. Also included is a leg from Brush Creek Park and Ride along Brush Creek Road to Snowmass Village.

Rail and all rubber-tired solutions have already been studied. Now it is time to research the aerial gondola solution. If Santaʼs reindeer can fly – why canʼt we?

4. Snowmass Village – connecting Base Village with Town Center with either an aerial gondola or a pedestrian bridge will shortly be reviewed by town council as part of the Town Center land use application.

I would rather ride an aerial with my skis, groceries, kids and dog then push a shopping cart through a pounding blizzard which makes for good skiing. If Santaʼs reindeer can fly – why canʼt we?

Speaking of flying reindeer – Before Santa delivers his presents, he always checks in with the Elected Officials of Snowmass, Aspen, Basalt and Pitkin County and their staffs for their approval. Looks like we have been good. Hot cocoa and brownies for Santa.

Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Canyon