Last Friday I was driving to work and was at the four-way stop at the Basalt 7-Eleven where there is always an officer guiding traffic to keep kids safe in the crosswalks.

On this morning a grumpy kid was trudging slowly to the corner and the officer stepped into the street to stop traffic. As she did, she shouted a greeting to the kid and he smiled. As he came into the street she gave him a light, casual, arm nudge and kept talking to him as he trundled through. He had the sweetest look of contentment and was still smiling after starting up the sidewalk to school. I don’t know who he was, but that boy really needed someone to “see” him and show him authentic kindness.

Well done to the officer who drew the short straw and got one of the most boring tasks (Congratulations: You’re on crosswalk duty) but still showed up and was present and kind and beautiful. Thanks for warming my heart and reminding me of the kindness I have to offer to those who are hurting. Thanks for being part of my safe drive through Basalt.

Hilary Burgess