On behalf of Challenge Aspen and our recent students and chaperones from the Tennessee School for the Blind, THANK YOU!

At the end of dinner Sunday, Dec. 8, at El Korita in Willits, a waiter beaming from ear-to-ear approached the table of Challenge Aspen staff and the Tennessee School for the Blind. He requested who the check should go to? REC Director Deb Sullivan raised her hand.

At that point, the waiter announced that a diner at the restaurant was so moved by the Challenge Aspen staff and Tennessee School for the Blind participants that they paid for everyone’s dinner. What an amazing gesture! These young people would have loved to have acknowledged your generosity. And we at Challenge Aspen were utterly speechless.

Challenge Aspen has been hosting Tennessee School for the Blind high school juniors and seniors for the past 24 years. For most, if not all, it is the first time they have experienced altitude, snow, and being on skis or a snowboard. For these young students, this is a life-changing experience.

To our anonymous benefactor, your generosity was gracious, and we are humbled by your action, and buoyed by the continued charity across the local communities we serve.

Wishes from Challenge Aspen and the Tennessee School for the Blind for a joyous holiday season.

Deb Sullivan and Jeff Hauser

Challenge Aspen REC Program Director and Challenge Aspen CEO